Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Math is a Ball!

so this idea might not be original. i can't remember where i first saw it, but i do remember quite vividly the price tag, and then thinking to myself "i could make that!" [i tend to think that a lot.]
well, i did! i made our new numbers ball and it makes math fun!

i found an inflatable beach ball on clearance at Target for less than $1. then i wrote numbers 2-8 on each colored stripe on the ball.

BigGirl has done addition and subtraction using the ball and it is really fun. she barely realizes she's learning! i toss it to her and whatever numbers her hands land on when she catches it are the numbers she has to add or subtract, depending on the math rule of the toss. the possibilities of this manipulative are endless!

i've even considered making a phonics ball, and using the beach ball idea for other subjects as well.

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