Monday, September 28, 2009

menu planning monday: is it Fall yet?

oh, the wonderfully unpredictible, inconsistent, crazy Texas weather. it just keeps us guessing, keeps our wardrobes revolving, and our noses sniffling.

there were a few days last week that were downright cold. [don't laugh at me, Northerners. 65 degrees is cold here in Texas where it's been 100 degrees the past 4 months.] and then yesterday we were in shorts and flipflops again, and i even saw some kids swimming. it's not normal, except in Texas.

but, i'm ready for Fall. particularly, i'm ready for Fall-time food. i'm ready for corn bread, stews, pumpkin pie, fresh squash, pecans, apple crisps, and chili.

until Texas decides to submit fully to the Fall season (and i'm not talking just football), i have to plan my meals accordingly.

this week's menu was planned considering we're still in between seasons. click the links for recipes.

monday: meatloaf
thursday: family night, dining out
friday: soft taco night

happy cooking & happy menu planning, yall. and thanks to Sir Colby Jones for the so funny so true cartoon about Texas weather.