Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Learning Everywhere

if we're talking about a thirst for knowledge, Big Girl is always thirsty.

and i'm starting to think she's like her Dad in that if her thirst isn't quenched, she resorts to acting like a wild monkey. she gets bored. restless. starts talking just to hear herself talk, playing the "what if?" game (with herself), and starts laughing a boisterous, crazy person, fake laugh.

God knows it's my job to help her quench her thirst. always and everywhere. at first, it drove me bananas to have to be "teacher" all the time. but i quickly learned how to see everyday objects and places as lessons and tools in very big classrooms. it has become less of a task and more of a way of life.

in the same way that i make sure to have a sippy cup of milk in the diaper bag for Bubba, i make sure to have a lesson in store, figuratively and literally, for Big Girl.

i kept her thirst quenched on our trip to the mega store yesterday by having her "help me" find the 2-digit aisles, read price tags, and add the items in our shopping cart. number recognition, money concepts, and addition.

Big Girl's math lesson was far more successful than my shopping trip. but that's another story.
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