Sunday, July 26, 2009

burning desire

it all started sometime last week, probably tuesday or wednesday. it started out small, like a little nagging feeling i just couldn't shake. by thursday i had a full blown burning desire, complete with fantasies and visions and dreams.

it's all Twitter's fault. if i wasn't on Twitter i might not have heard 1st hand accounts of how AWESOME BlogHer09 is.

i want to go. really badly.

and i keep asking myself why? i'm not a daily blogger, i don't have ads on my blog, i don't host carnivals or giveaways or linkups.

but i'm a writer. suddenly i want to grow that area of my life, and possibly the blog is the best outlet for me.

and i want to go because i'm a "Her" which means i like to socialize with other Her's at any given opportunity. especially her's that are super cool bloggers that i worship read and follow.

i don't have to tell you that God works in mysterious ways. that's just how He rolls. so no i don't think it's a coincidence that DaddyHall and i were flipping channels one night and ended up on a rerun of Oprah, the episode with Cheryl Hines and a panel of mom bloggers. this was the 1st time DaddyHall realized i wasn't the only one blogging, the realm of moms who blog is HUGE and impactful (not silly), and that blogging moms could potentially take over the world generate income for the family.

he was enlightened. and i watched the gears turn in his head as he made the connection: my wife can write + she is a mom + she has a blog = she is cool and blogging is worth her time.

and then, the Lord hooks me up with Twitter and all the amazing blogging mamas that i follow (including @NTFFC @HappyHousewife @oohamanda @rocksinmydryer @DiaperDiaries @tinydancer622 @ThriftyChicMom @ItsComeToThis), most of whom are Tweeting updates from BlogHer'09 this weekend. and that's how the Lord put it in MY HEART to go to BlogHer'10. i'm telling you, that's His M.O.

so when i asked DaddyHall (really i begged at his feet) if i could go to BlogHer'10 (in August, in New York Ci-tay), he didn't say no!

i'm going to go pack my bags.