Wednesday, June 17, 2009

works for me: drink all day

yep, that's right. we drink all day.


ha! gotcha.

seriously, we drink water all day. a lot of it, especially now that it's summertime. summer in texas is hot and the heat makes you thirsty, and if you don't drink enough H2O you can get really sick. so i make my kids (and myself) drink water all day every day.

to make sure we don't forget to drink our water, i prepare the next day's water cups the night before. i put full sippy cups in the fridge at bedtime, and when they wake up they have cold water to grab at the day's first "Mom, I'm thirsty." (Or in Bubba's case, "baba!")

Big Girl is (thankfully) now tall enough (and independent enough) to reach the sink to refill her own cup. And my water? My sippy cup of choice is a Route 44 from Sonic filled with ice water and lime slices, that I usually stop to get on the way to swim lessons. :)

and now i'm headed over to We Are THAT Family for more invaluable WFMW tips!