Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. No one told us that once Big Girl learned how to swim under water she would be at risk for Swimmer's Ear. Learned it the hard way. Spent an hour at the doctor's office and $30 on ear drops, but praise God it's her very last ear infection ever in her whole life. Amen. The good news is: no fever, it's not contagious, it's treatable and preventable. The bad news is: no swimming for 7 days. And it's 100 degrees here this week. Yay fun. Our pediatrician recommended 1 drop of a solution of 1:1 Rubbing Alcohol and White Vinegar in each ear after swimming to prevent Swimmer's Ear.

2. I love love love my new washer and dryer. No more laundry mountains! The machines sing to me when my clothes are clean or dry...sweet, right!?

3. My mom is having part of her colon removed in a week. I have so many feelings about this, but the biggest one is Thank God it's not Cancer. The next biggest one is Drink Water and Eat Fiber.

4. If you know the Ice Cream Man that has my neighborhood in his territory, can you please ask him to come a little bit earlier? We are all in bed at 9:30pm and as much as we love Push-Up Pops, we're not about to get the kids up and run outside in our jammies to catch you.

5. This is, as light and fluffy and pointless as it may be, on my "to read" list.

6. I've been making this for breakfast a lot lately. (Thank you Joy and Lynn) I love the super easy recipe, and the boys in the family could eat it all day long. It's filling and nutritious for the most part. Oh, this may be why we ran out of peanut butter so fast.

7. I'm not afraid to admit that every summer I develop an addiction to Sonic Ice Water with Extra Lime. If I have to guess, based on the cup size, eh-hemRoute44, I'm drinking at least 88oz a day. It's an addiction because I have. to. have. it. Period.

8. Bubba's vocab now includes: "Amen." "Eeeen-uh" (translation= clean up) "buh-bye" "chsshss" (= cheese) "ssss-duh" (= sister) "da-puh" (= diaper) "ball" "Dada" "Ni-Ni" (= night night) "Mama" "uh-oh" "brrrrr" (= bird) "vrrrrm" (= car noise) and "Arf Arf" (as in 'what does the Dog say?')

9. Did you know the average preschooler requires her mom's attention every four minutes? That's 210 times a day. Did you know Big Girl is "above average" in most areas, and she has "required my attention" 6 (now 7) times since I sat down to write this post?

10. I am totally over Jon & Kate, and my heart aches for the 8 little ones. What a shame.
And that wraps up my 10 on Tuesday. I'm off to Sonic for my 60 cent addiction!