Friday, January 30, 2009

Foodie Friday: Baby Oatmeal

my sweet Bubba has eczema on his sweet chubby cheekies. and for two months, something was seriously irritating the eczema, causing it to turn into a blistery rash. as my neighbor/friend said, "something is making the eczema grumpy!"

by [the lengthy and frustrating] process of elimination, we discovered that, ironically, Bubba is allergic to the rice cereal that he was eating daily. why is that ironic? because it's the healthiest, top-of-the-line, most organic and all-natural rice cereal i could find. and i happen to work for the company that makes it. it's great boy just happens to be allergic to it or something in it.

so he wasn't getting his daily rice cereal anymore - just veggies and fruits and the occassional pureed chicken. after a few weeks of this diet, i noticed two things 1) his cheeks cleared up! they look awesome. so kissable! and 2) he was hungry. all. the. time. more. than. ever. constantly. hungry. he needed some belly-waddin'!

not wanting to risk his sweet cheeks getting rashy again, i wanted the purest of pure food. over my own bowl of oatmeal one morning, it occurred to me that oatmeal is belly-waddin' and Bubba could have oatmeal, too!

i love my new blender. i poured 2 cups of dry, Quaker Oats brand whole grain whole oats into the blender and let it grind until the oats were a fine powder. mix with just enough water to make a wet cement-like paste and serve. easy cheesy and Bubba approved!