Tuesday, October 07, 2008

strength amidst the snot

thank you, Lord. i know you put those people in my path for a reason. you know, that couple with the kid who knealt down beside me to tie his shoes. the kid that was sneezing and hacking and snotty. you know, the kid with the goop dripping out of his eyes and his parents, oblivious to my infant within spray-range of their kid's sneeze output. gross.

thank you for giving me the restraint and for helping me hold my tongue and control my emotions, because i really could have gotten redhot angry.

thank you, Lord for the strength to sit here with thoughts and the energy to tap-tap them on the keyboard. because i was up every hour last night and the night before with my little sick bubba. thank you, Lord for my otherwise healthy baby and for my maternal nature that comes with the patience and love for a baby with his first cold.

and thank you, Lord, for restoring the health of that snotty little boy who spread his germs to my now snotty baby boy. and thank you, Lord, for restoring the health of my lil' bubba.

in Jesus' name, amen.