Monday, January 28, 2008

what she does

at three years old, babyhall...

-can spell and write her name
-recognizes and can copy all letters and numbers
-has started learning [and has an interest in] simple addition
-calls us 'mom' and 'dad', and sometimes by our first names [!gasp]
-takes ballet and tap, seems to prefer ballet
-can catch a ball, blow up a balloon, blow bubbles
-recognizes landmarks and seems to have a good sense of direction
-loves 'school' at church
-can operate the computer mouse and keyboard
-is a great eater, loves cheese and pepperoni pizza, mac & cheese, grilled chicken, broccoli, corn, potatoes, speghetti, corndogs, cauliflower, almost all fruit, yogurt, cereal, PB&J [she eats the crust now!], doesn't like "garlic", and her current favorite breakfast is graham crackers dipped in "coffee" [warm water]
-loves to help mommy do chores for "allowance"
-still sleeps in our room, but in her own bed [most nights] *update: as of 2/19/08 babyhall sleeps in her OWN bedroom! yay big girl!
-loves to sing and dance ["hooka body" is what she calls her favorite dance move]
-rides a tricycle and a small bicycle with training wheels
-loves the color yellow
-enjoys painting and coloring, and can draw identifiable people, dogs and chickens
-goes to bed at 8pm after 2-3 stories and a cup of milk, and wakes up around 7am ready to play!
-loves playing in the backyard with daddy and doing daddy stuff like working in the garage, yard work, going in the attic, etc.
-says grace before dinner [almost] every night
-is sweet and shy
-doesn't like getting in trouble, says she's sorry when she is
-can dress and undress herself [shirt, pants, socks and shoes]
-gives the BEST hugs and kisses