Friday, August 17, 2007

toddler dreams

babyhall woke up fussing at 6:30am. we rushed to her side; she was snuggled in a nest of down comforters and king-sized pillows in Mommy and Daddy's bed. she's tiny, but somehow manages to take up the whole big bed. if she hadn't been fussing it would have been a sweet sight - a Kodak moment as the earliest bit of sun started to light up the room.
but she woke up fussing. and if anyone ever wonders about dreams dreamt by toddlers, just ask. this is what happened this morning when we did.

her, suddenly at 6:30am: "my ball! miiiiiine!"

me & daddyhall, after rushing to her: "what's the matter baby? was just a dream..."

her, still fussing, almost incoherent: "my desk! myyy dessssssk!"

me & daddyhall: "yes. it's your desk. it's okay. it was just a dream..."

she started to wake up, and looked around the room, still whining and frowning. once she realized where she was and there was no one taking her ball or desk, a calm came over her and she sat up in the big bed.

us: "tell us. what were you dreaming?"

her: "earlier miles asked me 'can i sit in your desk?' and i said 'no!'"

miles is her on-again-off-again "boyfriend" at yoga. they play together with and fight over the balance balls at yoga class. he's never been to our house or anywhere near babyhall's desk. we haven't seen him in 2 weeks or more.

so this is what toddlers dream. also of "getting married to mommy in a big castle in the new york."