Tuesday, May 01, 2007


i can't get enough of this song.

i heard a glimpse of it first on 'so you think you can dance' and got chills all up and down my body. of course, being a dancer at heart, mia michael's choreography undoubtedly inspired some of those spine tingles.
but it was the soundtrack that haunted me for weeks and months to follow. the haunting was subtle. i never did any research to find out who sang it, to learn the lyrics, or even to find out the name of the song. then i heard it again on the last episode of The OC, and it continued to resonate in the back of my internal music box until finally i found it online, learned the lyrics, studied the artist, and downloaded the song. now i listen to it at least once a week. once a week, people! i'm telling you i love this song. and even now, months after the first time, i still get chills and sometimes tears when i listen to it. my personal interpretation? it's not a love song. it's a song about war.
another song that leaves me wet-cheeked and completely vulnerable is "The One Who Knows" by Dar Williams. featuring Alison Krauss. yeah. you know...the 2 female vocalists that sound like angels? just read the lyrics. if you're a mom and you don't get choked up when you hear this song, and suddenly want to hold your babies close, than you must be an alien or something.