Thursday, March 01, 2007

the Special Day Hat

earlier this week, for the first time since she was born, babyhall went night-night somewhere other than mama & daddy's bed. she slept in a Big Girl Bed! this is a huge accomplishment - about as big as, if not bigger than, using the Big Girl Potty.

so of course we had to celebrate!

like the birthday boa, i had to come up with something really great for babyhall to celebrate this wonderful milestone.
i took a hotpink cone-shaped hat leftover from her bday party, and with a Sharpie marker i wrote on the hat I DID IT! big and bold.

babyhall wore the Special Day Hat with pride all day long, and whenever strangers and friends asked what she did, she boasted "i slept in my biggrrrlbed."

ahhh. what a big girl.

we plan on using the Special Day Hat for other future the day we go without diapers, the day she starts school, the day she gets her drivers license, she gets that academic scholarship, you know, stuff like that.