Friday, February 02, 2007

terrible, and yet so terrific

babyhall turned two last weekend.

i dealt with the bittersweet milestone by hosting a birthday party that maybe could have been described as over the top. maybe. but she's my princess and she wanted a zoo party.

everyone had a great time and nobody noticed the messed up birthday cake or all-ham sandwich tray that was supposed to be alternated ham and turkey. [grrrr...Wal-Mart. love your prices, hate your inadequacy]

what's so terrific about my two year old is how amazingly sweet she is. most of the time. especially after mama and daddy throw such a fantastic birthday bash. she was giving out spontaneous kisses and hugs and saying "please" and "thank you" and "yes ma'am." all weekend she would just burst out with these sweet, heart-melting phrases. "i'm having a special day," she said. and, "beautiful shirt, mama."

the thought did occur to me... "the two's aren't so terrible afterall."

and then i should have knocked on wood. because in an instant, babyhall revealed the terrible side of being two. fussing. arguing. ignoring. dirty looks. stubbornness. disobeying. "MINE." tantrums. attitude. whining. oh, please stop the whining.

it's an epidemic, and hopefully just a phase. dear God, please let it be a phase.

the only antidote i can come up with for now is a giant dose of mama's patience, positive discipline, and lots of love, even when the two's aren't so terrific.