Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wiggles didn't wow us

our ears perked up when we heard a new indoor playarea + cafe was coming to town. "wow" we thought, "perhaps the concept is catching on!"
we should have known it was too good to be true. according to this parent's review, the new play center in Frisco is what i would consider your average nugget-and-fry-giant-play-tubes-age-inappropriate-germfestapalooza.

"Wanting to venture out to the Wiggly Play Center? Here's a snapshot
of my trip to the Wiggly Play Center in Frisco, Texas.

First and foremost, I'll share I'm an older mom. When my oldest was small, the
only choices where Chuck E. Cheese and Discovery Zone for an indoor
playground. With today's advancement, I expected more of the Wiggly
Play Center in Frisco, Texas.

For $6.95 plus tax your child can literally be set free for as long as you can stand the hustle and bustle of all ages running a muck. The Wiggly Play Center offers a multi-level maze and a jump castle very similar to what you can find at any fast food corner restaurant. There is no adult supervision in any of the play areas
including the 0-18 month toddler area.

The Wiggly Play Center is, however, very bright and colorful and there are flat screen TVs wherein you can enjoy a DVD of the Wiggles play non-stop. There is a "Yummy Yummy Cafe" to entice you and your children with pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches, bagged chips and hot potatoes. Drinks are as low as $1.60 for an 8-ounce cup of soda, bottled water and smoothies are priced higher. I did not notice any healthy food options.

There is plenty of seating provided in front of the maze and bounce house; however the flooring is very slick. Children wearing only their socks can be found slipping and falling as they return to parents. There are private birthday celebration rooms
available which seat at least 15-20 people.

There are no wipes or anti-bacterial cleaning products available, so prepare yourself and your children as if a trip to the park, because you are on your own. There
is even a sign that states "children play at own risk".

All this for 6.95 per child? You can play a lot cheaper on the highway, if you are seeking a much safer location.

Bring extra cash, upon departing this establishment you must exit via the Wiggles shopping area. Small toys, hats, t-shirts DVDs, CDs & sports bottles range from $2.00 - $16.95 are at little hand's reach.

I expected much more of the preschool band The Wiggles, opening their Wiggly Play Center being the first to open in the United States, especially for the advertisement to be "a high-end center". A consumer would expect such a center to be of high end
quality not price. This was definitely a 1-time experience to not be repeated."