Wednesday, January 10, 2007

brrrrr. sniff. cough, cough.

the only thing wacky i have to report today is this wicked cold that's apparently going around. everyone i know has had it, or has it, or has gone into hiding so they don't get it.

the wackiest thing about it is that i never get sick. i use a lethal combination of vitamins, healthy diet, exercise, and will power to boost my immune system. it's worked wonders. i never get sick.

babyhall had it first. she's a little trooper, though, and except for her extended naps, you would have never even known she didn't feel well.

then daddyhall had it. everyone in the world knows when he doesn't feel well. as i've heard men typically do, DH moaned and groaned, shivered and shook, and was over-the-top woe-as-me. i might have said something snide...poked fun of him...maybe i said he was being dramatic. i don't really remember.

but then it got me. it got me when i was down. low blow. a few days ago i was wide awake at 2am with a sudden bout of insomnia, or maybe it was the espresso shot i had earlier that day...regardless, i was awake. and stayed awake. for almost 20 straight hours.

the next night, i slept. and when i woke up i felt like i'd been hit by a truck. and not just a little pickup, either. i was hit by a Mack Truck. the biggest, reddest, toughest truck you can imagine. with a shiney chrome grill, too.

my willpower kicked into overdrive. i went grocery shopping, ran some errands, worked around the house, and finally gave in when i could no longer control my body's shivering and teeth chattering. and it was 74 degrees in the house and i had 3 layers of clothes on. it got me.

so now, babyhall is almost well, daddyhall is almost well, and i am still very, very sick. and i apologize for making fun of DH or maybe calling him Mr. Drama King. because it's bad.

my willpower is hanging in there, and part of me might be in denial. please don't make me cancel a playdate or take any syrupy medicine. i'll be fine. brrrrrr. i'll be fine. cough, cough. i'll be fine. sniff.