Wednesday, December 13, 2006

pack your bags!

i was never good at geography. texas geography is one thing - one big thing at that. i could tell you exactly how to get to el paso, nacogdoches, corpus christi, amarillo, lubbock, wichita falls, and the difference in miles and culture between dallas and fort worth.

but world geography? fuhgeddaboutit.

when i was in high school, i remember, like it was yesterday, sitting on the cold floor outside my world geography classroom re-taking a test that i had failed one too many times. i remember chanting the acronyms in my mind that i'd crammed in my memory the night before, hoping they'd not lost their order. this ocean is by this country, this country borders that one, and so on.

i remember thanking God that the teacher was letting me re-take the test again. a failing grade is the end of the world to a troyann. or, at least this troyann.

i want babyhall to learn about the world better than i did. i want her to know not only the locations of countries, but also their cultures, their histories, and their current state of life. so, i plan on copying this brilliant idea, and we go world traveling with babyhall when she's old enough.