Thursday, December 07, 2006

it's a win-win, really

It's tonight.

Tonight, KidCore Toy Store has offered to generously donate 15% of tonight's sales to Gorbella's. In addition to the private shopping experience, we'll have free gift wrapping, refreshments, and promise lots of shopping fun. The toy store is closed to the public and only open to our "friends" tonight! And if you're reading this, you must be a friend.

Bring your parents, friends, neighbors, sisters, brothers, teachers, grandparents, and anyone who likes shopping and free stuff.

It's a win-win, really. Gorbella's benefits from the donation, and you get to cross some things off your shopping list while having fun. Have you ever been to KidCore? Let's just say it's not your typical toy store. This place has classics. Wooden. Whimsical. Personalized. Educational. Top quality. Favorites. Not top dollar.

Did I mention Favoroo will be there tonight passing around free samples of some of their goodies? Like, maybe this yummy peppermint-smelling candy cane bath confetti.

We hope you'll be there tonight with a shopping list in one hand, and a cup of warm apple cider in the other.