Sunday, December 17, 2006

how you can help gorbella's

Here's how you can help Gorbella’s open a kid-friendly coffeehouse with playspaces appropriate for babies and toddlers…

Support. Check out our latest fundraiser and show your support! Currently, we're organizing a Rummage Round-Up & Bake Sale for April 2007. We are accepting donations for the rummage sale now until the week of the event. E-mail me to schedule donation pick up or drop off. Donations are tax-deductible. We also need volunteers to help with this event. More info coming soon!

Gift. Choose anything from the Gorbella’s wishlist of the things we need. A permanent placard with your name on it will tell all Gorbella’s guests that that item was a gift to Gorbella’s from you. If you see something on the wishlist that you have stowed away in your attic, or see at a garage sale, we will accept with great gratitude gifts of similar, gently used, *clean* items.

Donate. Every penny, nickel, dime and dollar brings us one dime closer to opening Gorbella’s, a place for coffee + a place for children!

Buy a tile. We're building Gorbella’s one tile at a time. Have your family’s name put on tiles and see it every time you visit! The tiles will be built into the playareas. Blank tiles = $25. Personalized tiles = $35

Invest. Time, that is. Volunteer and join the Board of Directors. We’re all parents, working toward the same goal: kid-friendly establishments! There are not enough places out there that cater to babies, toddlers, and their grown-up companions. Interested? Email me.