Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what i wear

pleated poppyyep. this is what you think it is.

i have been stalking reading Lindsey's Wednesday Link-Up every week for as long as i can remember: What I Wore Wednesday. in case you haven't been there, WIWW encourages women to get dressed every day and post pictures of what they wore during the week. the idea is to get us out of our yoga pants, put on some real clothes, and to be held accountable by taking photos and linking up. to be intentional, to make more of an effort, and to make the most of it! #WIWW is one of my absolute favorites to read. i have never participated.

but i'm all about facing my fears lately so here we go.

i get dressed every day. the reason i click through WIWW posts every week is for motivation to be more creative and fashionable with what i wear. case in point: until i read my friend Stef's WIWW about how she wears accessories, i never would have the guts to wear a bracelet on a Tuesday. but now i just might!

maybe you are reading this and you are wearing your yoga pants (again) (and you didn't just get home from the gym)...well, i pray that my (awkward self-phone-mirror-reflection) pictures of what i wear inspire you to get dressed, maybe more creatively than normal.

oh...and the reason WIWW'ers list brand names or where the clothes were purchased? i'm not exactly sure, except, don't we almost always follow up "cute shirt!" with "where'd you get it?" so there you go. here is what i wear:

homeschooling, library and out to dinner
cardigan: hand me down i think
tank: Target ($1 score!)
skirt: Gap
boots: Target

homeschooling & to see a movie with the kids
cardi: Kohl's
tank: Walmart (i know!)
cargos: Old Navy
sandals: DSW

Saturday outings with the fam
top: LOFT
jeggings: Target
shoes: Toms
purse: Goodwill
ring: Hallmark

Bible study, homeschooling, and shopping with my mom
t-shirt: Antivenom
tank: Academy
jeans: Abercrombie
necklace: Claire's

to storytime @ Gorbella's, homeschooling
t-shirt: Target
cargos: Old Navy
flips: Old Navy

coffee with a friend, playdate, homeschooling
t-shirt: Target
skirt: Target (i love the print)
shoes: Toms
feathers: Shelley @ McKenzie's 

full disclosure: these pictures were taken on random days over a 2 week period as i mustered up the courage and talked myself into participating #WIWW. i didn't wear the cargo pants twice in one week. not that there would be anything wrong with that. i just didn't. 

one more thing: i highly suggest you go over to The Pleated Poppy to check out other people's What I Wore Wednesday posts. it's way fun to see what other people are wearing!