Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the trouble with communication

So, while Yahoo! is off the clock and Baby Hall is sound asleep, I guess I'll blog.

Here's what's going on lately... it's been troubling me a bit.

Baby Hall and I will have a fantastic fun day doing what we do best: being Mama and Baby. We'll laugh, giggle, play, chase, chat, tidy the house, go shopping, run errands, meet friends, and solve the world's problems. There is little to no crying on her part because we've got this Mama-Baby thing down. We communicate. I stop the fussbuss right in it's tracks.

It's the little things, you know. Like quietly popping the week-old balloon and burying it in the trash can while she's napping. If I did it while she was awake, she'd surely notice and have a meltdown.

Or, if we're going somewhere, I give her about 5 minutes notice that we're leaving the house soon. This way, when it's time to go, I don't have to pry her tiny fingers off of the baby's stroller, beg her to put on her shoes, or pick her up from a fullon tantrum. She'll tell me it's time to put on her shoes. She'll even clean up her toys. She's prepared. We talked about it. She listens. I listen. I talk. She talks.

I don't know how we worked this out; we just did. It's great.

BUT...when Daddy Hall is around my little communicating sweetiepie turns in to someone else's child that I do not know. The minute he arrives home from work she demands that he play dolls with her. If he asks her to wait, while he takes off his shoes/puts his briefcase down/walks thru the front door, she throws herself oh so dramatically onto the floor, wailing and "crying" (without tears). Mama Hall to the rescue? Oh no, now that Daddy is home she wants nothing to do with Mama. All that communicating stuff we had going on the past 8 hours? Out the window. Gone.

When Daddy Hall is around, Baby Hall acts like a "terrible" two year old or an infant who must cry and scream to get her way. In the morning, after he leaves for work, me and Baby Hall are back to having conversations, making decisions, and living a peaceful co-existance.