Sunday, August 20, 2006

new word

ok so i am pretty much blown away at our 18mo daughter's ability to speak in 3-4-word comprehendable sentences. she'll say things like, "daddy open window" when she wants her window rolled down in the car, she says "ready go byebye" when she, well, is ready to go bye bye, and "more milk mama please." (awwww!)

and the list of words she can speak and understand also continues to amaze me. just last weekend she learned a few new words, bringing that list the thousands somewhere.
here in the hall household we've always called monkeys monkeys and trucks trucks, and so forth. now that's not enough. she is starting to recognize the difference in different things...lately, specifically, monkeys (chimps, apes, gorillas) and trucks (pickups, semis, fire trucks).
in play one day granny taught baby hall the word "gorilla." it's a big one, i know. but baby hall is capable of big words, she can say "watermelon" "popsicle" "umbella" [umbrella] and even "eat sushi," so i didn't put it past her. i never expected to literally melt the way i did when she said it, though.

what is that? what kind of monkey is that? "gorbella"

awww! mix between gorilla and umbrella is the cutest word i've ever heard!