Wednesday, May 24, 2006

tween comedy puts mom in her place

we switched the tv on one lazy sunday afternoon, or maybe baby hall turned it on, i can't remember. anyway, none of us were really watching it. daddy hall was doing dishes, baby hall was running around jibberjabbering, and i was doing my usual tidying up. there was a movie on, and i think it was on the family channel. something about it caught my attention, and i found myself really getting into it.

the movie was called sleepover, a "tween comedy" about 4 high school freshman girls who sneak out to go to a high school senior dance. and they get into all kinds of trouble on a scavenger hunt. a cute movie.

in one very high-energy and dramatic scene, the girls are at a night club. they are obviously underage and shouldn't be there, but it's for the scavenger hunt. will they get caught? hurry hurry!

one of the girls sees a woman dancing on top of a table and - omigosh becky - it's her mom.

the lady is getting down. she is dancing like there's no tomorrow. she is loving it!
her daughter is horrified, and says:

"What is she doing?
She can't wiggle like that!
She makes macaroni and cheese!
She drives a Volvo!
She's a MOM!!!"

i had to laugh. she could have been talking about me. my mind flashes forward 10 or so years and i imagine baby hall a teenager embarrassed by her mama. and i have to laugh again.

later this month we're going out of town. while we're there we have plans to leave baby hall with a sitter (Granny!) so we can go to a night club. i'm going to wiggle like that, but nobody has to know that i make macaroni and cheese, i drive a volvo, and yes, i'm a mom.