Wednesday, May 10, 2006

in your corners

baby hall and i just got in a big fight. we rarely fight...we've probably had 2 fights like this before. she knows how to push my buttons and its as though once she gets started, she just can't stop.

we were having such a great morning, too. so productive. we played upstairs and cleaned out her closet. we had no plans for the day...just play and go wherever the warm wind took us. when we came downstairs she was busy with Bow and her purse, playing on the rocking chair. somehow she got the crazy idea that she wanted to go bye-bye. mind you we were both still in our pj's with bedhead.

so i told her we could go for a walk. since we had no plans, and the sun was coming out, a stroll around the neighborhood sounded like a grand idea to the both of us. even brindi agreed!

but, like i said, we were still in our jammies and suddenly baby hall had a dirty diaper. there were things to do before we could go anywhere. baby hall wasn't having it.

and that's when it all started. when i was getting dressed (i didn't even shower!) she fussed and threw herself on the floor. she seemed better as i changed her and got her dressed. but then i put her down so i could put my shoes on and lock the house up before our trek, and she lost it again. i mean completely lost it.

i threw in the towel. i gave up, i actually said outloud "you win." without shoes on, without a refill on my coffee cup, without a sippy cup or snack for her, i said let's go and headed out the door. she continued fussing and just stood there, crying "night night."

so that's where we are now. she had a cup of milk and is fast asleep. and i am sitting here wishing we could turn the clock back 1 hour and re-start, without fighting. as i laid her in her crib, still boiling with frustration, i told her..."you know mommy loves you." i do. so much.

is there any fight harder to fight than one with someone you love more than anything in the world?