Sunday, May 21, 2006

baby fever

it's going around and i've caught a bad case of it. three of my neighborhood girlfriends are expecting their 2nd or 3rd and even 4th. a few of my mommy-and-me playgroup friends are recently bringing tiny pink infants along with their almost-2-year-olds. i accidentally caught an episode (or 2) of TLC's The Baby Story.

and i want one.

lately i've spent more time calculating how old baby hall will/should be if/when baby #2 is conceived and then born. i have to be careful to consider my sister's wedding next spring, in which i am maid of honor and baby hall is flower girl. if i want to look pretty, be thin and sane and well-rested at her wedding, and i do, then baby #2 will have to wait.

but be warned. i've caught the fever and it's not a 24-hour bug.