Saturday, April 01, 2006

sand sensitive

baby hall's first visit to the
beach was when she was 4 months old, to celebrate daddy hall's first father's day. i saw wonder and amazement in her eyes, as she watched the waves crash into the shore. her baby feet touched sand for the first time. in typical baby hall fashion, she soaked it all in, in deep thought, without expression.
she splashed in the saltwater-filled baby pool, and fondled seashells. her little body was slick with sunscreen, and her first bathing suit started to fade in the hot hot sun.
it was bright. and exhausting. the waves were the perfect lullaby, and soon baby hall was taking her first oceanside nap.

something happened between then and now. by the time we took baby hall on her 2nd visit to the beach, we noticed she has developed an issue with the sand. she wouldn't put her feet down in it, with or without shoes. she wouldn't touch it with her hands. suddenly she seemed like a very prissy little girl. from the safety of a lawn chair, she sat and watched her cousins run around on the sandy beach, bury eachother in the wet sand, and build sand castles.

last weekend we took her to a new park, with lots of fun, bright, new equipment. we were psyched to see her slide down the big kid slide, and climb on the low monkey bars. we took one step into the play space, and daddy hall and i exchanged a knowing look: the playground floor is sand. you could see the fear and anxiety in her eyes. she clung to daddy like a little monkey, and we left the playground promptly.