Tuesday, April 18, 2006

lazy days of summer

now i know why they call them the lazy days of summer. actually, i think the great nat king cole called them the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. i don't quite get the hazy and crazy (yet) but the lazy days are here.

in the fall, baby hall was enrolled in 12 weeks of infant swim lessons. that kept us busy two or three mornings each week. after a dip in the "we forgot to turn on the heater" rec center's freezing indoor pool, bundled in her warm cozy duck towel, baby hall always took good long naps. the afternoons flew by!

right after swim lessons ended, we enrolled baby hall in an 8 weeks mommy-and-me-style gymnastics class here. again, gymnastics kept us busy two or three days a week, guaranteed extra long naps, and the afternoons went by in a flash.

spring has sprung and the extra curriculars have slowed down. she's too good a swimmer for infant swim lessons but not old enough for the "fish" level [whatever], she's burnt out as a "tyke/waddler" at gymnastics, all her friends in gymnastics have moved up to be "gymsters," and she's not old enough for that. and baby dance classes don't start for another 3 months.
it's the lazy days of summer already. break out the crayons and let's have a pretend bath!