Thursday, April 20, 2006

the happy seat

Once your baby outgrows the highchair, you will need a Booster Seat. A Booster Seat is usually a plastic chair that can be strapped to a kitchen chair. It gives your child a boost so she can eat comfortably at the kitchen table with the grown-ups. Many feature adjustable heights, built-in trays with locks and some even fold up for easy portability for dining out.

i found this booster seat at a city-wide consignment sale for $8. it's clean, has all it's working straps, and it's simple as can be. no adjustable heights, but it does fold up easily. to me, the booster seat species it is not much different than that of the highchair. she's at about the same height, with a strap around her belly and a tray on her lap. but instead of that monsterous thing on locking wheels, the booster seat straps to the kitchen chair, gives baby hall a boost, and she now eats comfortably at the kitchen table with us...the grown-ups. sometimes she prefers to eat in her booster chair on the floor in the living room. and sometimes mama lets her. thank goodness our days of highchair woes are over.