Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Easter excitement

baby hall was just 2 months old on her first Easter. of course we took her to an
egg hunt. she was sound asleep in my arms as i ran around grabbing for eggs, stealing them from the older kids.
hooray! this year will be different! she can actually run after hidden eggs and dump them in her basket all by herself - and she loves it :)

here are a few tips for any parents who are having thier first Easter egg hunt with a toddler:

-practice! hide a few eggs around the house at your child's eye-level and then go around together looking for them. use a basket to collect them. don't bother putting anything in the practice eggs - this practice is all about the hunt. do a practice hunt in the front/back yard.
show lots of excitement when the child finds each egg. the child will love this new game and when it comes time for the real Easter egg hunt, he/she will be a pro!
common sense hint: use plastic eggs, and keep track of how many you hide.

-fill those eggs with something good! going to an egg hunt or Easter party? be kid-friendly and impress all the parents. fill plastic eggs with Cheerios or Goldfish crackers. cut a little square of Plastic Wrap, pour a little amount of cereal or crackers in, wrap it up and stick it in the egg! Little boxes of raisins fit perfect, too!
bonus: for the "Golden" egg, put in a coupon for baby food, formula, diapers, wipes, portrait studio, Buddy Pass to My Gym, etc.