Monday, March 27, 2006

table for 1

when we bought the highchair, i had a feeling i wouldn't like it. its big, bulky, and the fabric is brown and navy. brown and navy! that should have been my first clue that it wouldn't work out between us and the highchair.

[pictured: baby hall @ 6 mos old, in the high chair, using sign language to say "all done"]

i remember, like it was yesterday, standing amongst hundreds of highchairs at
Babies R Us, yet disappointed at the choices before me, i said with a pout, "i want something that i can easily fold up and put away when we're not using it and when she outgrows it" and if i didn't say it out loud, i definately thought it, "we don't need a fancy highchair."

well...we got a fancy highchair. it has 3 trays. 3! none of which are easy to take off, put on, or clean. it has wheels and brakes. yes, we're still talking about a highchair. [i remember thinking, "maybe when she's older i'll understand why they put brakes on this thing. if we don't get one with brakes, maybe i'll wish we did...?"] i never did figure it out. i silently cursed those brakes so many times, when i'd be wheeling the chair from room to room, and it would stop abrubtly, causing my toes to stub.

the fabric and plastic on this fancy chair are neither boy-ish or girl-ish colors [which made it more expensive, of course] ...which, you would think would be a good thing, but turns out its not. baby things come in blues, yellows and pinks for a reason: they are attractive to the baby and the baby is drawn to it. the baby loves things that are blue, yellow and pink! everything else is blue, yellow and/or pink, so why not the highchair? in its sophisticated navy and brown, it looks like part of the adult kitchen and not part of the baby's gear, so automatically it's doomed; the alarm in baby's mind goes off, "adult colors! no fun! no fun!"

she ate her meals in it with little to no problem from ages 7-12 months.

14 months tomorrow, baby hall has rebelled against her highchair. sure,
she'll sit in it to paint or color, but forget using it for its intended purposes. she'd rather eat sitting in mommy's lap [making it hard for mommy to eat], or on the floor with her bowl between her legs [making it hard for mommy to keep the floors clean].

so this weekend at the mom's exchange - the mother of all consignment sales - i'm shopping for 2 things:
1. a booster seat
2. a little kid-sized table and chair