Wednesday, March 22, 2006

reality in reality tv

okay so i may be a bit of a reality tv junky. but something good came of it today...really. i was watching a DVR'd episode of Cheerleader Nation, a new series on the Lifetime channel that follows the cheerleaders at Dunbar HS in Kentucky. yes, it sounds lame. but i watched it and i liked it! i wasn't kidding, i'm a junky. i don't watch much tv, but when i do find the time to sit down and veg, that's exactly what i want to do. i want mind candy.

anyway, today i actually got something out of it. unlike anything ever unfolded on Laguna Beach (come on season 3!) or MTV's Real World, something on Cheerleader Nation hit home. it actually brought tears to my eyes.

so here's what happened.

donna is the cheer coach. ryan is her daughter (first born) and is a cheerleader on the squad, of course. ryan and her mom have an interesting relationship because of that - but at the end of the day, they are simply mother and daughter.
ryan's 16th birthday is approaching and donna is going on and on about how she can't believe her baby is turning 16. [i get weepy at the thought of baby hall being 16 someday] donna watches video of ryan's 1st birthday, her bottom lip quivers, a tear slides down her cheek. [a tear slides down mine, too] donna plans a suprise party for ryan, and when the day comes, ryan is so surprised and happy she cries. after ryan hugs and thanks her mommy, cut to donna:

"when you become a mom-- and only when you become a mom-- do you truly understand things that happened with you and your mom."

wow. i had to rewind that part a few times to hear it again and let it sink in. so true. so profound, donna! here i am thinking of me, as someday a mother to a 16-year-old baby hall, and then donna says this, and BOOM! i'm suddenly 16 and my mama is spending her hard earned dollars on a Coach purse for me, and planning my sweet 16th birthday. it really got me thinking.

we try so hard not to be like our moms. yet, when we become moms, we strive to be at least like our moms if not better and more.
donna's right: i didn't understand this until i became a mom. almost instantly after bringing home my baby girl, it all became very clear.