Monday, March 20, 2006

mama hall's first installment

welcome to mama hall!
this is the first installment of my personal blog. i'm going to figure out how to work this thing, because i love writing. and i'm full of ideas that need to be recorded.

here are a few things going on in the hall house that you might read about now and again:

  • baby hall [haile jo] is growing like a weed. i'm calling her baby hall in this blog to protect her identity, for now. she has a million other nicknames, but for now, for here, she is baby hall. just like she was before she was who she is today, 13 months and 20 days young. she is a walking, talking, kiss-blowing, bubble-popping, kitten-chasing, little sweetheart of a person. and i couldn't be prouder [smile]
  • dada hall has been so supportive in my career as a SAHM, and encourages me to still be ME outside of mommy and wife-hood. while i love being his wife and baby's mama, i also love being able to be me. if it weren't for his encouragement and support, i would be just a mama and a wife. and nothing beyond that. he lets me be so much more. awwww. thanks honey.
  • i have the coolest mama friends ever. my new found friends have helped me learn the true sense of community, and I thought i already knew that after working at the newspaper in small town, colorado. now I really know. when you become mama, you are exposed to an entirely new world of people. suddenly it is ultra necessary to ONLY surround yourself with genuinely good people who will be good role models and peers for your babies. i'm happy to say, i'm surrounded by those kinds of people. and you know what...i'm so glad!
  • i'm starting this blog as a place to log my ideas, write down the stories that clutter my mind, and record my own thoughts and plans. one of the most important lessons i have learned, and carry with me every day, was taught to me by my mama in the mid-1980s:

don't write anything you wouldn't want the whole world to read.

so please, come on in, read, relax and enjoy.