Tuesday, March 28, 2006

girls media camp

i love going back and reading some of my ideas and dreams. my naivety-driven enthusiasm and young entrepreneurism is incredibly inspiring.

this, my friends, was an idea i had in 2001. i was just a babe! i wrote my first business plan with this idea. i even developed a cute little logo. i put a lot of work into this thing! it wasn't a school assignment or anything. i did it for my own personal fulfillment. it never went any further than my PC until now. i'm sharing it for the first time here, with you.
[pictured: me, taken the year i dreamt of girls media camp]
hopefully by getting it out there, someone will take it on and start 'er up. i still think it's a brilliant idea, and i'd love to be a part of it. i just don't have the time or funds to go from scratch.

Girls Media Camp
To promote education about media-related careers;
To encourage women’s opportunities in media-related careers;
To build friendships among young ladies with similar interests.

For girls 12-15 years old, must have completed 6th, 7th, or 8th grade
Small and personalized setting, 15-student maximum, 6 camp counselors
Special guest speakers from [XYZ newspaper], [123 television station], [ABCF radio station]

Campers will work together to create a professional presentation in their media-related area of interest, and will have the opportunity to tour local television, radio, and newspaper companies.
Camp participants will learn…
- “5-W’s” of reporting: what, who, when, where, why, & how
- objective reporting, reporting the facts and just the facts
- making, reaching, and meeting deadlines
- conducting interviews
- audience targeted writing
- arranging a professional portfolio
- script writing skills & cue-card reading techniques
- camera, lighting, video, and audio operation

Three 5-day Sessions offered June and July at the [insert venue name & location]
$25 reservation fee, due in June, $100 Girls Media Camp cost. To register or for more info, call Girls Media Camp 512-555-9900.

Camp Founding Director, mama hall has been involved with media production for more than ten years. mama hall's articles regarding early childhood development, child curriculum programs, and youth sports have appeared in several major print publications throughout Texas. In addition, mama hall has assisted the Marketing Director of XXX Communications, Inc. of San Antonio, organized and served as editor for newspapers, company newsletters, and is currently the President of XXMMOO, a non-profit media organization. mama hall obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Technical Writing from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Masters degree in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington.