Wednesday, June 27, 2012

all dolled up {no-heat curls}

sometimes... i get a wild hair. and sometimes, i have an extra 15 or so minutes to get ready.

when these two things happen simultaneously, watch out world.

it happened recently, and i had a lot of fun with Curlformers

stick straight hair {& no makeup - eeek}

it took me about 7 minutes to put in the Curlformers, including the full 30 seconds i giggled with my kids because they were calling me Lalaloopsy... 


leave the Curlformers in for about 10 minutes, do a quick once-over blow-dry before taking them out...and the immediate result is...


i didn't apply any hairspray and yet these spirals stayed boingy all day long. 
Curlformers are lots of fun and one of my favorite ways to get pretty no-heat curls.

pleated poppyworks for me wednesdays

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.  just something i wanted to share with yall.