Friday, September 15, 2006

the rocking chair egg

i always want baby hall to be able to think creatively. i'm not talking about crayon scribbles and play doh sculptures. i'm talking about having an active imagination. a pretend friend. acting like your favorite animal. i mean really flexing that imagination muscle. an imagination, a really alive imagination, will help her throughout her life. she can use her imagination to solve problems before they even become problems by thinking outside of the box, to turn a frown upside down, and to invent, and create, and grow, and learn, and succeed!

i have the opportunity to watch baby hall as her imagination develops. what an incredible experience...

just last night at the dinner table, daddy hall and i witnessed baby hall's imagination blossom.

we were eating dinner. baby hall had pieces of a hardboiled egg, a hot dog, and Ranch style beans on her plate (choices!). but she wasn't eating. she was using her tiny finger to move a rounded piece of hard boiled egg back and forth. we watched her, thinking, "what in the world is she doing?"

when we encouraged her to eat the piece of egg, she exclaimed, "Rocking Chair!"
"Rocking Chair! Rock, rock, rock, rock," she said, moving the egg in a, well, rocking motion.
we watched. amazed. that little piece of egg could be a rocking chair, if we pretended and used our imagination.
and then, her imagination took her even farther away from real life dinnertime.

she picked up a stray bean and put it gently in the Rocking Chair Egg and then she rocked the "baby" bean to sleep.