Tuesday, July 18, 2006

falling in love

"we're not just another bullsh*t pop band!" - that's the promise Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves made last night to 6,350 energy-drink-drunk emo/skater/punk teens, and me. and he was oh so true to his word.

i was feeling old and very mom-ish because i had never heard of Angels & Airwaves before. it's not their fault - i just don't have many opportunities to listen to radio (other than Radio Disney) or watch music videos (other than Rock with Barney). but as Caddie's cool big sister, when i told her i'd take her to the concert, i didn't let on that i had no clue who this band was or what kind of music they played.

thankfully, Caddie briefed this Angels & Airwaves newbie on the background on the band. oh, blink-182! of course. i remember DeLonge from his naked midget dancing days with blink-182. and i love travis barker. see? i am cool.

the other band members are also "formerly of" familiar name bands, too. usually these recycled groups don't do well and you almost always feel sorry for them for trying to be something other than what we once knew them as. not true for A&A.

Angels & Airwaves rocked. DeLonge is an outstanding singer and peformer. and he's nice to look at, if you're into that sort of thing.

taking cues from their grandparents' Elvis-craze days, or maybe their older cousin's NKOTB crush, tween girls were literally crying for DeLonge.
pubescent punk guys jammed to his guitar solos.
me? i was listening closely to the lyrics of "The Adventure," "It Hurts," and "The War," and watching DeLonge dance, and feeling the crowd's energy all around me...taking it all in and falling in love with this band.

in the middle of one song i remember thinking they kind of sound like The Cure, and during another song i heard influences from older U2 stuff and, strange as this may sound, 80s English punk band New Order. there's something about them that gives them a unique "they're not from here" sound. it was really refreshing - and not at all what you'd expect from a post-blink-182 lead band.

i was impressed. so impressed that i'm buying a few copies of the Angels & Airwaves CD today.

(PS: the 2 opening bands, The Subways and Head Automatica were also amazing and i am now a big fan. however, we left in the middle of Taking Back Sunday, who's performance was less than impressive.)

(PSS: it is very significant that i'm buying their CD today because i can't even remember the last CD i went to the trouble of buying...but i think it was kelly clarkson's 2nd release. if that tells you anything.)