Tuesday, June 27, 2006

no more mister nice guy

when i get bad service or faulty products, i'm usually not one to complain. when i am served a dinner i didn't order, am overcharged for something, or buy something that doesn't work, i don't do anything about it. i chalk it up as a life lesson, and give an excuse like, 'you get what you pay for,' 'i didn't need it anyway,' or 'it just wasn't meant to be.'

but no more mister nice guy. recently, i've become frustrated with the faultiness of two products in particular: 1) dove intense
moisture 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, and 2) evenflo dazzler with imagiMotion sippy cup

the 2-in-1 is where dove got it wrong. there is nothing conditioning about it. i have more tangles after i've used it than i've had after a long drive in the 'stang w/ the top down. it smells clean and the consistency is similar to a shampooy-conditioner, but the conditioner part fails. i always end up having to use baby hall's detangler spray...which smells like bubble gum and makes me feel, oh, 10.

and the cup. "Bright, fun, interactive 3-D designs won't rub off! Insulated inner sleeve keeps drinks cool longer! Fill indicator allows liquid to show through! Soft spout is gentle on child's developing gums! No spill!"
grrrrr. no spill, huh? yeah right. evenflo spent way too much time on the 3-D scenes for these cups and not enough time perfecting that no spill feature. it spills every time. and since baby hall likes to drink her milk in her bed, she ends up drenched in milk. mama hall has to wash the sheets EVERY DAY. and in case you didn't know this - mama hall thinks milk is disgusting.

so today i wrote letters to the manufacturers expressing my dissatisfaction with the products. i will post the responses here. they can redeem themselves by sending new and fixed products, and a friendly letter of apology. i'm easy to please.

and then i can go back to being my old nice self.