Saturday, April 08, 2006

for me?

oh you shouldn't have...

so you're thinking of getting me a gift, eh? and you've come here because you need some hints? well today must be your lucky day! you, my friend, have stumbled upon a list of things i want. you might find this list offensive, because this is not a list of things i need or things i can't live without. this list is vain, materialistic, and greedy. but...gosh i had so much fun making it! i felt like a child writing to Santa. no holding logic to the list...just because I WANT IT.

here it is!

-new bra (pretty and lacy)
-new panties (sexy and racy)
-fully loaded Starbucks card
-XL Starbucks to-go mug
-mani/pedi gift certificate
-Louis Vuitton purse
-workout clothes
-VHS camcorder cassette tapes
-jewelry (pearls and diamonds)
-hip name brand baseball cap
-socks (athletic ankle, dressy, novelty)
-pajama pants
-veulour pant suit
-good coffee beans
-paper & scrapbook supplies
-decorative crosses
-dish towels (all colors, designs and styles)
-a pink Razor phone
-Aveda shampoo and conditioner (Blue Malva)
-Hooters T-shirt
-sexy black heels
-diamond (or QZ) tennis bracelet
-cowprint Britax carseat cover
-large increment gift certificate to the 2nd floor of Dillards

ps: my birthday is in october (ship gifts in september), and mother's day is may 14.