Tuesday, March 21, 2006

all about me

here i am. a 20-something first time mommy in a bustling metroplex in the hottest state.

i'm a writer at heart. i don't do poetry or fiction. i write what i know. i have a lot of ideas and thoughts that i know are great, but i don't always take the time to write them down or share them with anyone. i'm always doing something, thinking something, planning something, and wishing i was writing something.

i'm a do-er. i'm an entrepreneur. i'm a planner, and i almost always carry thru with my plans. something has to be written on each day on my calendar. even if it is "floor day" on which i sweep, vacuum and mop the floors. yuk, but it must be done.

i am a full time, first time mommy. some moms call themselves stay-at-home moms. that really isn't appropriate for me. we don't stay home. we get out and do stuff. i took baby hall to out to a great italian restaurant when she was just 2 days old.

before mommyhood i earned a communications degree from the university of texas at san antonio. i studied journalism, english, technical writing, editing, and that sort of thing. i have worked as a magazine reporter, newspaper staff writer, editor, publicist, nanny, and, once upon a time, a sandwich artist.

lucky for me, i married the man of my dreams in december 2002. he is wonderful, strong, funny, smart, cool, and best of all: a terrific father. in january 2005 i gave birth to haile jo, referred to in this blog as baby hall. i kept an online pregnancy journal, complete with pictures, here.

in my spare time (ha ha ha) i enjoy writing, shopping, doing girly things like painting my toenails, reading celeb magazines, making elaborate plans for my next business, listening to great music, watching mindcandy television, and researching random stuff. i'm into paper crafts. i love paper, scissors, glue sticks, stickers, and paper embellishments. therefore, i make cards. just for fun, but if you ever want me to make you a card or two, let me know and i'll get you the price sheet. :)

i also really like hanging out with other mamas and their babies. haile and i have so many wonderful friends that we've met thru playgroups and organized mom-baby activities. my very first friends as a mom-to-be were the january '05 mom friends. i consider them some of my best friends, and i've never met them in person. we met online when our babies were still in our bellies, the size of walnuts. we still chat online almost every day! hello, anyone else see that as a potential topic for Oprah?! anyway, my point is this: we are so very fortunate.

i love being a mama, especially when my lil' baby says it. and i love being a wife. and i love still being able to be me, with my own thoughts and ideas. that's how and why "mama hall" came to be. it's mine, and i'll do with it what i want.

if you want to do something with my words, thoughts & ideas, beyond reading about them, please ask my permission first. all this stuff is mine and is copywritten. my e-mail is eryn04 [at] yahoo [dot] com.